Make HEDDA.IO data cleansing functionalities part of your data integration process with our SSIS Cleansing component. 

With the HEDDA.IO cleansing component, it is possible to check data from different source systems against your configured Domains during the loading process, and have it validated accordingly.

Thanks to the HEDDA.IO Web API, not only the simple values are checked for valid domain values (lookup), but also all validation functions of HEDDA.IO are applied to the data to be checked. This includes the verification of business rules, the use of Reference Data Services (RDS), as well as a fuzzy search within the existing data records.

Choose the SSIS component “Domain Cleansing” and add it to the Data Flow Task. 

Upon opening the SSIS component, it is required to connect it with the Azure App Service using the service URL and API Key. Once If the connection is successfully established, the Knowledge Bases and the associated Domains will be become available.

Every input the SSIS component receives from the source, is shown in the “Data Mapping” tab. It is also possible to select a Domain for the input to be processed with.

The tab “Output Columns” shows how the columns in the destination will look like. It is possible to un-/select each and every column.