Create Power BI external dataflows

HEDDA.IO offers many possibilities to extend your existing processes with data quality processes – especially on the Microsoft Data Platform.

With our new CDM integration, you now have the possibility to export knowledge bases from HEDDA.IO as CDM folders.  Our Excel Add-In creates a model.json file with all necessary metadata for the CDM Folder on a defined Data Lake.  All metadata defined in HEDDA.IO, such as the person responsible for a knowledge base, are also exported and can be used later by other applications.


You can then connect with our SSIS CDM Destination against a CDM Folder. The SSIS destination reads the corresponding metadata from the CDM folder and uses it for data mapping within SSIS. Each execution creates a new file in the respective CDM folder and automatically adds a new partition to the model.json file. And of course this also works in the Azure Data Factory SSIS Integration Runtime.

Using Power BI, you can then integrate this CDM folder into your workspace as an external dataflow.