Migrate Microsoft Data Quality Services to Azure

With SQL Server 2014, Microsoft SQL Server Data Quality Services were introduced for the first time. Even though DQS has many functions of HEDDA.IO, DQS is a pure on-premise application.

DQS offers like HEDDA.IO different SSIS components to clean data directly in the ETL process. In 2012, in cooperation with Microsoft, we released 3 SSIS Open Source components on Codeplex. With these components the matching could be used inside SQL Server Integration Services and domain values could be imported on a large scale via SSIS.

More information about the components can be found in the edX course Data Cleansing with Data Quality Services (DQS).

With the current version of HEDDA.IO you now have the possibility to migrate DQS Knowledge-Bases directly to HEDDA.IO and use them in your Azure ETL workflows.

The current SSIS-IR can now be started in less than 5 minutes including the installation of our HEDDA.IO SSIS Cleansing component. Migrate your on-premises DQS knowledge bases to HEDDA.IO today and run your data cleansing projects together with Azure Data Factory.